Sergio Calderon for Director 2018  FPPC1361817

Since 1969 the Water Replenishment District of Southern California (WRD) has been working to safeguard Southern Los Angeles County's groundwater supply.
Groundwater is safe, affordable, and reliable. It is safe because it's buried underneath our feet and not accessible to terrorist attacks. It is affordable and reliable because it is a local resource, it does not need to be imported as does Colorado River water or Northern California water.
Ten years ago WRD replenished half of the necessary groundwater by purchasing large quantities of imported water which is very expensive. The other half of the needed water was in large part replenished by storm water and local projects. 
Today, thanks to the leadership of the Board of Directors, Vice-President  Sergio Calderon representing Division 4, the Groundwater Reliability Improvement Project (GRIP), and advanced treatment water will treat local water so that it can be reused. This will make our region completely self sustainable, independent from imported water and our water supply more affordable. 
If the sound of having self, reliable and affordable groundwater appeals to you. If your water bill being approximately 50% less expensive as compared to areas outside of the WRD service area brings a smile to your face. If being independent from imported water, securing our water supply reliability makes you sleep easier better at night. Please help support Director Sergio Calderon for re-election with a monetary contribution to his campaign committee. The month of August and October 2018 are critical!